The role of compliance

All applicants for FINRA membership must use the online Form NMA and comply with FINRA Rule 1013 (New Member Application and Interview) as amended. Form NMA consists of eight major sections: General Information; Business Lines; Personnel; Net Capital and Sources of Funding; Contractual and Business Arrangements; Policies and Procedures; Facilities; Recordkeeping.

Taurus Compliance Consulting, LLC includes an experienced staff and network of lawyers, accountants and Registered Principals who can either assist the firm’s compliance officer or serve in a full capacity on behalf of the firm to complete the requirements of FINRA Rule 1013. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Instructions on Using and Navigating Form NMA , as well as Guidance on Technical Issues
  • Advice Regarding the Sufficiency of Information Submitted in the Application, including whether the Filing is Substantially Complete
  • Electronically Submit Form NMA, via the Electronic Filing System (EFS)
  • Submit Hard-Copy Forms – Notarized Form BD; the Appropriate Entitlement Forms; Member Firm E-mail Notification Contact Form; and, the New Member Assessment Report
  • Access to Firm Gateway in order to electronically submit: Forms U4; amended Form BD, as appropriate; and, Form NMA
  • Establishing the Applicant’s CRD Account
  • On-site Support and Training
  • Regulatory Liaison Services
  • SEC, FINRA and State Registration Requirements

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