Start-up FAQ

Rule 1017 governs the process for a change in ownership, control, or business operations. FINRA approval is required for a number of different types of changes in firm organization, including certain mergers, acquisitions, asset transfers and material changes to the business.

Rule 1017 specifies when and what type of information needs to be submitted to the district office in order to seek approval in advance of the organization change. A Rule 1017 application must be submitted at least 30 days before a change is scheduled to occur.

Taurus Compliance Consulting, LLC includes an experienced staff and network of lawyers, accountants and Registered Principals who can either assist the firm’s compliance officer or serve in a full capacity on behalf of the firm to prepare, file and facilitate a 1017 application. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Preparing the 1017 Application
  • Compliance with Rule 1014 Standards
  • Determining the structure of the new organization
  • Review of Membership Agreement
  • Liaison with appropriate FINRA District Office to facilitate the application


For more information on how Taurus can partner with you, call us on 1-888-963-9519.